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Why Is Dieting So Hard?

Hello all. My name is Dr. Lior Bar-El  and due to my many clients requests I made this webpage to help people from all over the world learn the right way to diet and eat healthy for the rest of your lives.

That is why I decided to start this website. I love helping people lose weight.

You may have seen some of my articles on other websites, blogs and forums and I will still write for those sites also but I wanted to make this site my official home.

I will try to update my site as much as I can with useful information and videos and recipes  and all.

So again thanks for stopping by my little corner of the web and if you have any questions make sure you drop me an email.


Kosher Spicy Chicken Fried Rice

Well guys its time for some more fast cooking healthy fun with your fav  (well maybe not fav but tolerated) chef Lior. Today we are going to be making some Kosher Spicy Chicken Fried Rice. This meal is healthy and fast and uses the chicken recipe from my video although you can also make your own. Here is the recipe.
Teaspoon of olive oil
01x large onion chopped
2x cups of white or brown rice
Copped chicken breast (as much as you want)
One tablespoon (But put as many as you want) of chili paste Schug by sabra tastes awesome. Bam your done. Well let me know what you think. This meal is cheap and perfect for anyone including a college student. Perfect for bulking as it has good proteins and carbs to build good muscles. Like subscribe dislike you know the deal.

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